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Fortress Roofing & Exteriors is the Calgary roofing company that you can rely on to replace or repair your roof for the right price and within your timeline.


Fortress Roofing & Exteriors has been serving Calgary since 2001. We're experts in residential roofing solutions, with roofing services in asphalt roofing, metal roofing, and rubber roofing

Our superior Calgary roofers, quality products, and exceptional customer service have led us to become one of the top roofing contractors in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Whether you need emergency roof repair services or window installations, we offer full-service solutions for all your needs within your timeline.

Calgary home needing roofing services.
A man installing a roof.


Fortress Roofing & Exteriors is one of the best Calgary roofing companies thanks to our quality craftsmanship and ethical practices. We have served Calgary for two decades, providing the knowledge and expertise needed for roofs to shelter families and belongings through tough times. The finest and most skilled installers in the city are here to assist in your roof replacement or siding repair needs. 

We guarantee excellent service, expert craftsmanship, and superior professionalism all on time. To find a solution for your roofing needs, visit our service pages or contact us today to receive a quote.


Choose Fortress Roofing as your next installer for all your roofing needs. We're proven roofing experts, with extensive experience in roofing replacement, siding, inspections, and ice dam removal to name a few. Fortress Roofing in Calgary is committed to providing the best service and roofing products to our customers.

We use high-quality shingles engineered from the latest asphalt and modified polymer technology to ensure your roofs receive the highest protection possible against harsh weather conditions. We have an extensive number of shingles to choose from, produced by IKO Cambridge and Malarkey Legacy to aid your roof and look good doing it. 

The best roofers in Calgary, siders, and installers have executed quality workmanship and reliable customer customers across thousands of projects. Our dedication has earned us excellent customer reviews and maintained our long-standing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have also been accredited for customer nominations on both the BBB ‘Business Ethics Award’ (2008) and the Customer Trust Award (2013). 

We are always looking to provide excellent customer service and craftsmanship to Calgary and all nearby communities and strive to remain your first choice for all roofing needs. 

A man installing roof tiles with a nail gun.
A landscape shot of the city of Calgary.


For a reliable roof that protects your home from inclement weather, harsh sun rays, and the occasional critter or bird, Fortress Roofing Calgary is here to provide you with all the roofing services you need. 

We pride ourselves in our quality craftsmanship, whether you need emergency roof repair services or residential roofing. Our installers are experts in asphalt roofing, metal roofing, and rubber roofing. 

We are one of the top choices for Calgary roofing companies. We are happy to serve the majority of Southern Alberta with additional offices in Airdrie and Priddis. Have a trusted company look after the well-being of your home; give us a call today for a quote.


Interested in our roofing services? Here’s how we provide you with the best solution:

1. Contact Us For a Free Quote!

Contact us today for a free quote and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Our professional staff will ask standard questions about your project. We are also available after hours for emergencies. 

2. Schedule a Home Inspection

We will schedule a home inspection to measure your roof, examine issues, and provide a solution at your earliest convenience. You do not need to be home but can do so if you have any questions for our specialists. 

3. We Will Send You a Detailed Quote

You will be sent a detailed quote within 2-3 business days, including a basic price and upgrade options for higher quality materials. 

4. Schedule Your Project and Begin Work

Once details have been finalized, set an approximate date with us to complete your roof or any other service. We will begin ordering the necessary materials for your home as soon as possible. Now sit back and relax as we improve your roof.

Damaged roof shingles repair process.

Elizabeth C.

Fortress Roofing has done an excellent job on my roof. Even after finding an extra layer of shingles under my existing shakes, they handled the whole matter with courtesy, hard work, and professionalism. The crew leader was kind and professional as well.

Lisa P.

We are very pleased with our roof. Please thank the crew for the great job they did, I really appreciate all your help and would gladly act as a reference for Fortress Roofing.

Dave H.

(The roofers at Fortress Roofing) respected our privacy. They had a garbage bin on site and contained and removed the debris.
They parked their vehicles with respect, out of the way.

Don S.

Amorel (of Fortress Roofing) is a very personable guy who cares about his work. Nicole also was good to deal with. She was easy to get a hold of and returned calls.

Marco S.

We appreciated how Fortress put a large crew of 5 guys on our job and completed the job within one day. It was not a long, drawn out process. We also appreciated the clean up they did around our house; they did a pretty good job and only missed a few nails unlike other stories of roofers we’ve heard from friends.

Lynne H.

(Fortress Roofing provided) prompt service, a competitive price, a desire to please and communicate. A knowledgeable and communicative crew was assigned the job.

Valley View Church

We received prompt attention when we contacted your company. It was a relatively small project and we appreciate the good service we received.

Ingrid O.

(Fortress Roofing was) timely, professional, fast, clean, friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

Rath & Company

We were extremely pleased with the service and the amount of care demonstrated by the employees of Fortress. In Alberta today – 2007 a lot of companies are lacking the expertise and quality of workmanship that Fortress has held on to. We would definitely recommend Fortress to clients, friends & family.

Marie M.

I would highly recommend Fortress Roofing. The job was done professionally; cleanup was completed at the end of each day. The workers worked very hard and were very friendly

Brian G.

Our roof project was completed sooner than expected and in a shorter period of time than expected. The workers were very friendly, professional and highly efficient. We would not hesitate to recommend your company.


Trust Fortress Roofing & Exteriors to properly assess, plan and build or repair your new roof. We bring our 20 plus years of knowledge and experience to the table on every project we quote. We're a trusted roofing company in Calgary and the local area, and one of the best choices when it comes to roofing companies in Calgary. We look forward to proving ourselves when working on your home. Contact us today to receive an expert quote detailing all of your roof replacement needs.


Check out our full line of products we carry

Get more information about the kind of roofing and siding products our roofers use to complete your project. We use some of the finest brands in the industry to give you a high-quality finish that will last years to come.


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