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Emergency Roof Repair Calgary

There’s no worse feeling than being in your home while a storm rages outside and noticing that there’s water dripping from your ceiling. Bad weather is often what alerts homeowners to water damage and leaks in their homes. It’s the worst time to notice such a problem because you feel like there’s nothing you can do about it but let the problem get worse. Luckily, our emergency repair services at Fortress Roofing are here to help!

Our emergency roof repairs are made to prevent compounded damage from occurring. Call us as soon as you realize there is damage. Our services include an inspection to figure out where the damage is and what’s causing it. Our emergency services include siding inspections, roof leak tracing, emergency tarping, snow removal, attic inspections, ice dam removal, and more. If you’ve found a leak in your home, call us right away! Fortress Roofing is available 24/7.

When you contact us, we will have someone come out as soon as possible to assess the situation and provide a solution. We charge a base inspection fee, which covers the site visit, a thorough inspection of the area of concern, a permanent repair if possible, or a temporary repair if more extensive work is needed.

In approx. 30% of roof leak cases, a permanent repair can be done on-site, though often a second visit is needed to complete the roof repair. When further work is required, we will provide you with a quote and we will do whatever we can to make sure that your roof is watertight with a tarp or other membrane so that you can rest assured that further damage will not occur. The initial inspection fee is due at the time of scheduling your repair. If additional work is quoted, the initial inspection charge is deducted from the final repair cost.

Roof Leak Tracing

Sometimes when you have a leak, it will seem impossible to find the source. Hidden leaks are dangerous. They can be the culprit of major damage to your home without you even noticing. As soon as you see a leak, you want to call a professional.

At Fortress, our leak detection emergency repair services are non-evasive and exact.  We ensure that the leak is found to prevent any structural damage from happening.

Attic & Siding Inspections

An important part of any inspection for leaks is checking the attic and the siding on your home. These are primary spaces for leaks to occur. As part of our emergency services, we can perform a thorough inspection of your attic, crawl space and siding.

Snow Removal

During the winter months, it can snow a lot. In some cases, the build-up of that snow can cause your roof to collapse. This can even happen to homes and businesses that have roofs fitted to handle snow. There’s always a point where the weight is too much.

When you choose us for your snow removal needs, we bring equipment appropriate for the job, ensuring that the snow is efficiently and safely taken off. We work in a way that keeps you and your family protected and prevents heavy water runoff or roof collapse due to built-up snow.  

Ice Dam Removal

In winter, it can get well below freezing. This can result in ice dams forming in your eavestroughs. An ice dam happens when water in your eavestroughs freeze solid, preventing runoff from flowing through and freezing even more water. Ice dams can cause melting snow to run down the exterior of your home and onto your roof, causing leaks and damage.  

Our team at Fortress Roofing has several methods that effectively remove ice dams and prevent them from occurring again.  

Emergency Tarping

Inclement weather can cause a lot of damage to your roof, and it can get worse when repairs aren’t immediately available. With our emergency tarp services, your home will be immediately protected from any further damage. Getting a tarp on your roof is a temporary but important fix. When you choose us, you’re guaranteed that the tarp is properly placed to effectively protect your home.

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Our team at Fortress Roofing and Exteriors is here to ensure that your home remains protected against the major damage that can occur from leaks, bad weather, and any other roof disasters. When you call us, you get your roof repaired quickly. Contact us today to get your free estimate!

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