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Ice Dam Removal Calgary

Ice and snow are friends of the winter, but not friends of homeowners. During this cold season, ice and snow will make themselves known, and sometimes, they don’t stay outside. This is why some home and property owners require ice dam removal services throughout the winter season.

Home and business owners alike experience their fair share of thick snow piles and ice dams on the roof during the winter months. Snow or ice like this can compromise buildings as is, and they become an even bigger problem when they start to melt.

When snow, ice, and icy water are present, they cause major issues that can cost thousands of dollars for roof repair. The cost can be so high that individuals are not able to afford it out of pocket, and insurance companies often try to deny such claims, especially if they determine that there was a way to prevent the damage in the first place.

That prevention comes from ice dam and snow removal as soon as the issues arise.

Luckily for property owners, prevention is easy, affordable, and available whenever you may need it from Fortress Roofing & Exteriors. With proper prevention measures taken, you can find peace in the fact that the integrity of your home or building will remain and you won’t be battling insurance for any repairs after the fact.  Simple ice dam and snow prevention can make the winter easier for everyone.

Ice Dams

When outside temperatures drop below freezing, ice dams may occur in the gutters of your house or building. If you live in an area where temperatures are often this low, you know this worry well.

An ice dam happens when water stuck inside your gutters freezes into ice, thus blocking the path of any additional water runoff, causing it to get backed up in the gutter. That blocked water will then freeze – then you have a gutter full of ice and a giant problem on your hands.

These ice dams are often so thick that the water runoff will find another route to drain off your roof, potentially causing even more damage to other parts of your home that had previously never been affected by water or at risk of water damage.

Snow Issues

Heavy snow piles up and the weight can be detrimental if it falls on the wrong spot. When it snows a lot on a roof, the increasing weight can compromise the integrity of the structure and it can cave in.

In the snowy months, homeowners fall victim to this headache every year. During the winter season, snow removal services are in high demand because folks know that leaving snow around on your property (especially the roof) can’t be good. Even with special measures taken to protect homes, businesses, and other buildings from heavy snow, there is always a tipping point of weight where the roof just can’t hold it up.

At Fortress, we use the best equipment for snow removal to clear your roof of snow and ice and clear your mind of worry. We always prioritize safety for workers, your family, and your home to prevent water damage, roof collapse, water runoff, ice dam damage, or other gutter clogs.  

Preventing the damage before it has a chance to happen is the smart way to bear through winter.

Ice Dam/Snow Removal Services

You need professionals to solve your ice dam and snow pile problems. At Fortress, we will make sure any ice dams developed or developing and snow piles are done away with safely. This small prevention measure can save you thousands in repair costs, so do yourself a favor -- save yourself thousands of dollars in potential repairs and request a free estimate to solve your problems before they occur.

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