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LeafGuard Installation Services

Leaves that fall from trees can cause serious clogging or problems with water flow in your existing eavestrough system. It’s not only the tree leaves, but also pine needles, twigs or dirt that can cause blocking of your eavestroughs.
In order to maintain well-functioning eavestroughs, we recommend installing a leaf screen.

Benefits Of LeafGuard Gutter Guard Installations

Instead of putting yourself in danger by climbing a ladder in order to clean your clogged eavestroughs, the installation of a leaf-guard can ensure a well-functioning eavestrough system and keep you safe from falling off your roof.

A few benefits of installing a leafGuard include:

  • With a robust framework, the leaf guard only lets water through into the eavestrough, which guarantees the elimination of clogging that might occur due to outside debris. In addition, there is a 40-year no-clog warranty to go with the installation of the leaf guard.
  • In summer when debris, or winter snow, gets lodged in the eavestroughs, water does not flow properly through and makes its way to the home. With a leaf-guard, there is absolute protection against water infiltrating your home and prevents any ensuing damage.
  • The holes inside the leaf guard are small enough to ensure that no debris or ice can enter and cause a blockage inside the eavestrough. Additionally, even the heaviest of rain can be handled just fine with the leaf guard installed without the risk of overflowing.
  • Gutters deteriorate more quickly when soaked in debris. A leaf guard will protect your system against rusting or rotting. Additionally, if not cared for properly, your gutters can bend out of shape as they get weighed down by excess debris.
  • The leaf guard prevents stagnant water from forming and prevents invading insects and rodents from either nesting in the eavestrough or laying their eggs there while searching for a humid environment.
  • Save money on having a professional coming over to clean your gutters.

As a homeowner, our services will benefit you by saving time, money, and energy. Leaf guards protect the exterior of your home while offering a low maintenance routine.

Our LeafGuard & Eavestrough Services

At Fortress Roofing and Exteriors, our experienced team of installers offers cost-effective and timely solutions to a clogged gutter. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can place a leaf screen over your existing gutter or conduct a total eavestrough replacement. We offer a wide range of options available to suit your needs.

With our services, you can forget about any water damage or corrosion happening to your gutter. They prevent you from the dangerous and time-consuming task of climbing ladders and spending hours cleaning out your system by hand. They handle all downpours, prevent animals like birds from nesting in them, and blend in nicely with your gutter and roofline.

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We take pride in our leaf guard services here at Fortress Roofing and Exteriors. Our maintenance free systems will keep your eavestrough clog free for up to 40 years! We’re confident that your home will receive several benefits when installing a leaf screen.
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