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Attic Frost And Condensation

Most people understand that it’s important to keep moisture out of the roof, though not enough know that it’s important for a roof to let moisture out too. Fluctuations in temperatures in the winter months can cause attic frost and condensation which lead to moisture forming inside a poorly ventilated roof. Ultimately leading to potential leaks and costly repairs.

Frost and Condensation Causes

In extreme cold, the moisture in the warm air of the house escapes into the attic. As the warm air comes into contact with the cold of the attic, the moisture in the warm air can condense quickly, leaving a frosty coating on the underside of the plywood roof deck. Quite often, the roofing nails become icy and when they stay cold for long enough, the frost and ice can build up to a significant level. When the warm weather finally returns, the ice melts and causes stains on the ceiling of the house.

Solutions For Frost and Condensation

Proper ventilation promotes good air circulation. Warm air rises, and the purpose of the air vents at the top of your roof is to allow the warm air to escape before it condenses all over the inside of the attic. The lower roof needs to be able to allow outside air into the attic, through soffits or lower intake vents, so that the warm air escaping the vents is replaced by cold outdoor air.

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