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Rubber Roofing

Are you looking for a robust roofing option with exceptional durability at a reasonable cost? Fortress rubber roofing might be what you are looking for. Rubber might not seem like a common roofing material, though using it is becoming a lot more common due to its unique benefits. Here at Fortress Roofing & Exteriors we recommend and install Durashield eco-friendly rubber roofing products.

Benefits Of Rubber Roofing

Many homeowners are concerned about how their new roof will fair in extreme weather conditions and want to ensure that the roof they install is able to handle anything that comes it's way. With rubber, withstanding difficult seasons becomes easy due to its exceptional capability to endure strenuous elements, retain structural integrity, and other benefits:

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Rubber Roofing Has Increased Longevity

The rubber is designed and tested to withstand challenging weather while preventing superficial signs of aging such as rotting, peeling, or cracking. The special rubber used in the roofing process naturally blocks UV inhibitors and therefore, stops any sun-related damage from decreasing the quality, or life of the roof. Each panel has cubicle technology on the reverse side to ensure superior structural strength and trapping airflow, which allows for long-term insulation.

Rubber Is Low Maintenance

Rubber roofs are lightweight and as a result, are relatively easier to install compared to other types of roofing. Given that they are resistant to virtually all weather conditions and damage, they require very little on-going maintenance to maintain a crisp look for your home.

Rubber Is Strong And Durable

Compared to other roofing materials, rubber roofing offers superior impact resistance and is a solid choice for homeowners looking to protect their homes from storm-like weather or hail. The product's interlocking design ensures resistance against Alberta’s winds.

Rubber Material Is Highly Affordable

It’s already tricky finding a product that is long-lasting, virtually indestructible, and low maintenance, so what else is left to say about rubber roofing? The rubber products used in the roofing process are made mostly from recycled rubber tires, which ensures a sustainable option that saves the environment while giving you the best roof your money can buy.

Euroshield Synthetic Rubber Roofing Materials

Euroshield is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional rubber roofing materials that use old tires and years of research to create a truly innovative product. All of Euroshield's products are environmentally friendly green roofing systems that look amazing and can handle nearly whatever the weather throws at them, including hail.

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