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Troughs & Metals

When you choose Fortress Roofing & Exteriors for your eavestrough and metal cladding needs, we ensure that our highly skilled crew is capable of getting the job done. We cover every aspect of your home’s exterior, including soffit, fascia, continuous gutters, metal cladding, leaf guards, and more.

Whether you’re building your home from the ground up or are doing some much-needed renovations to your sidings and roof, the items we offer will trim and complete whatever look you’re trying to accomplish. Our items also provide functionality, ensuring that your home’s exterior is protected for years to come.

Fortress has been providing excellent home solutions for over a decade. We were established in 2001 and have been dedicated to integrity and professionalism ever since then. Our qualifications are shown through our hard work and all the positive reviews we’ve received on the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Homestars.

Soffit is placed underneath your roof’s overhang. It’s exposed siding. It can’t be viewed from the street, so it doesn’t affect your home’s curb appeal. You can see the soffit only if you’re standing close to the house or underneath it. Clients usually choose to install a soffit that is the same color and design as the siding on their home, but it’s completely up to the client’s creativity.

Soffit is typically constructed out of vinyl, wood, or aluminum. The soffit that you choose should be based on the climate you live in. At Fortress, we help you choose the option that is best for your needs and take care of the installation process.  

Fascia is a type of siding that is directly related to your home’s soffit. It’s siding that is placed above the soffit. It’s also the board that’s exposed on the front of your roof’s overhang and is the area where your eavestrough is placed.

Fascia is visible, so you want to keep it as clean as possible to ensure your curb appeal is in good shape. Much like soffit, fascia is made from different materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Just like with soffit, we work with you through the whole process, including choosing the material and installation.

Eavestroughs that are properly installed channel rainwater from your roof’s edge. They’re meant to protect your house from rot and water damage. They’re also meant to prevent water from running down your walls, which will keep your foundation safe from damage and staining. Our installation process is efficient and effective, guaranteeing that the exterior of your home stays beautiful.

Leaf Screen is simply a screen that keeps out leaves and other debris. It’s not a complete cure for keeping things out, but it will stop large pieces of debris from clogging up your gutters. It’s not a maintenance-free solution, but it makes the cleaning process easier. You can choose different styles of Leaf Screen. You can get Leaf Screen in copper, aluminum, galvanized, or powder coated.  

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