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5 Brilliant Ideas For Renovating Your Roof

The roof of your home is what protects you from the heat, the dust, water, and pests. Having a good sturdy roof is essential to avoid damages. Most of us invest a lot of money into making our home look aesthetically pleasing which is why we choose the best materials and designs. When it comes to roof renovations, do not compromise. It takes up 40% of the look of the house. So make sure you invest in the right places and avoid any over the top expenses. After all, renovating a home is not a cheap affair. It takes time and a lot of money too. Besides, the planning plays a big role, so ensure you have an expert guiding you on what must be done.

Here are 5 brilliant ideas for your roof renovation:

  • You should consider placing synthetic underlayment beneath the shingles. This would also increase the aesthetical appeal of your home. Many times, due to natural calamities, shingles may get destroyed leading to dust and water making its way in the house through the roof. With the synthetic underlayment, chances are bleak that your home’s interior would suffer.
  • Have you heard of cool roof shingles? Well, they are a great investment as they lower your energy bills by deflecting light and keeping your home cool at all times. It is eco-friendly and more importantly inexpensive. So make sure your contractor provides you with this option.
  • Roof renovations are mainly considered when there is major damage to the roof caused. To avoid this problem in the future, you should consider installing ultra-reinforced shingles that are impervious to any form of damage. So the next time there is a storm you can rest assured your home will be safe.
  • You could definitely try out the architectural asphalt shingles that are gaining more popularity these days. In case you are selling your home, consider getting your roof renovations done as they increase the resale value. Even if you don’t plan on selling, these shingles make a bold statement and make your home look just marvelous.
  • You need to place a good gutter system in order for all the water and debris that flow from the roof downwards. This will help avoid the water seeping the house or basements causing moisture building and mold growth. A good contractor would tell you how exactly this is an important consideration while you are on your roof renovation project.    

So make the most of your home renovation by keeping these simple tips and ideas in mind in regards to your roof.