Calgary Synthetic Roofing Contractor

Fortress has years of experience installing and maintaining Synthetic Shingles on Calgary homes as a Calgary Roofing Contractor. New construction or an upgrade to your existing home, Fortress works to get your project done right, on budget and on time. Our professional roofing crews know their trade and understand the requirements for the ever changing Calgary weather. You can depend upon Fortress to protect your home.

Using recycled materials like rubber and polymers, manufacturers have developed roofing products that realistically mimic the look of shingles, slate and wood shakes. For Calgary roofing customers looking for high-end, long term options, synthetic roofing may be the choice for you. Some of the benefits of synthetics include long warranty periods up to 50 years, high impact and wind ratings, colors that will not fade and low maintenance requirements.
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We appreciated how Fortress put a large crew of 5 guys on our job and completed the job within one day. It was not a long, drawn out process. We also appreciated the clean up they did around our house; they did a pretty good job and only missed a few nails unlike other stories of roofers we’ve heard from friends.

Marco Smit

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