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Trustworthy Gutter Maintenance in Calgary

When we think about the risks to our houses associated with Calgary’s weather, we usually think about our roofs, but not so much about the gutters.

If our roofs are our house’s primary defenses, gutters are one of the means by which our roofs are able to protect us.

Whenever our house is exposed to rain or melting snow, gutters are the ones in charge of diverting all that running water away from it, which otherwise could cause severe damage.

Fortress Roofing is an accredited certified roofing company that has served the residents of Calgary for almost two decades now and is ready to provide you with professional solutions to improve the gutters of your house, so you and the ones you love are protected during any harsh weather situation.


Reason to Keep Your Gutters in Optimal Conditions

Residents of Calgary, AB, are no strangers to the weather conditions experienced all year in the region. In general, cold temperatures tend to mean snowstorms, fast winds, and ice.


Whenever a snowstorm hits the city, houses are exposed to all that snow getting stuck in roofs and filling up gutters. With time, the snow starts to melt and it transforms into water. All this water is deviated away from our house through the gutters, avoiding any damage caused by infiltrating water.

If gutters are damaged, water might end up infiltrating inside the house through the roof causing damage to the house’s roof and interior.

Heavy Winds

Because of constant, fast, and heavy winds, gutters can get obstructed and damaged by any material the wind carries with it. Most common, gutters get filled with leaves and sticks from trees.

Whenever water starts running through the gutters, all this material stops the flux of water which will find another way to flow, most likely, inside our house.


Whenever the temperature drops too low, any melted snow will freeze into ice. If this ice is created inside or around gutters, it can damage its integrity creating cracks or disalocating them. Not to mention it will stop the regular flow of water through them, increase the chances of water damaging the roof.

In the light of these situations, Fortress Roofing offers a variety of solutions to help you protect yourself and the ones you love . We are experts in gutter maintenance, repair, and installation and will gladly help you reinforce your house and having it ready for any weather-related danger.