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Everyone loves soaking in the sun and enjoying the refreshment of the great outdoors. However, when you live in a cold-weather climate, like in Calgary, it becomes harder to enjoy being outside for long periods of time. 

Fortunately, adding an enclosure patio or sunroom to your home can help you enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort and warmth of your home.

Plus, you can have fun with the design of your sunroom- from siding to windows to even roofing materials, you can create your own oasis just a step away from your home. 

Here are some top exterior trends to give you inspiration for creating your own enclosed patio space.

Forest Cabin Feel

Embracing the natural beauty of warm woods and large windows helps create a fluid space between your sunroof and your outdoor surroundings. 

When considering the type or color of wood to frame your space, consider the dynamics of your home. If your home has warmer tones, go with a warmer wood color, vice versa for cooler tones. 

Note- you don’t need to necessarily have the exact color of the interior of your home. Similarly to how you would paint your porch and exterior moldings different from your home, you can choose sunroof materials to be slightly different than your home.  

Patio Enclosures | HGTV

Bold Colour Palettes

Painting the exterior of your home or sunroof is not only a great affordable option for creating a modern space but it also helps create curb appeal. Show off your unique style by choosing a paint color that’s you. 

You can also add a pop of color and prominence with a choice of the roofing as well. You can combine a bold color choice with a sleek roofing material such as metal or colored asphalt shingles. 

When choosing a palette for your sunroom exteriors, make sure to consider the surrounding elements. If the exterior of your home is a warmer color tone, correspond a warmer tone with your sunroom exterior as well. For example, choosing warm-colored shingles, adding tiles, stonework, or pathways to help connect the home exterior to the exterior of the sunroom.

Additionally, if you have a lot of greenery around your home, you may want to choose a color palette that stands out and pops against its surroundings. Maybe choose something lighter to make your home more prominent or a darker hue to have it blend with the greenery.

Sunroom Exterior - Traditional - Sunroom - Philadelphia - by Krieger +  Associates Architects, Inc.

Protip: since a sunroom exterior and interior tend to be larger than an average bedroom, just getting paint chip samples won’t suffice when deciding on a paint color. Instead, buy small cans of the paint and test it on the area so you can see how the color acts in its environment.

Minimal Chic

Sometimes simpler is better. Minimal and sleek designs are definitely the go-to option for current designers. Simplicity is the new modern touch.

However, even though minimalist design is about simplicity, the colors and textures you choose have an important role to play when trying to achieve the right look.

Choosing clean colors such as whites, beiges, or jet black exteriors can help you achieve the minimal chic look. You can even choose different color roofing shingles to fit the aesthetic you’re looking for. 

Having a minimal exterior design for your enclosed patio allows the surroundings and interior designs to speak for themselves. 

Architect Visit: Platt Dana Porch Addition - Gardenista

Black is Back

A current trend is metal or wood black framing around windows. The sleek look of the black combined with the natural light from the window creates a timeless look. 

You don’t have to have the interior completely blackout, but having the framing for your outdoor patio in black brings a great juxtaposition to the interior and even adds some warmth to the environment. 

Black Sunroom


Lastly, a very popular option for an enclosed patio is having the windows actually be sliding doors. This way you can enjoy your sunroom year-round. 

In the summertime, you can open the doors creating an outdoor patio, and enjoy the summer air. While in the winter you can still utilize your patio and appreciate nature with the doors closed. The perfect compromise for having a patio that you can use year-round. 

Adorable Sunroom Additions : Rickyhil Outdoor Ideas - Seasons Of Sunroom  Additions

Enclosing an already existing patio or adding some new features to your sunroom can help freshen up space and allow you to get the most out of your home and enjoy the outdoors during these upcoming cold months. Consider some of these great trends for exterior porch or patio and explore your options with professional roofing and siding experts.

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