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Differences between residential and commercial roof repair

The roof of your house and that of a commercial building are significantly different. The materials, roof designs, roofing regulations of commercial roofing are also different from those of residential roofing. This means that roofing repair and maintenance also vary. It is essential to understand the difference to hire the ideal roofing contractor for repair. Here are the main differences:

Roofing Materials

The choice of roofing materials usually varies depending on the prevailing weather conditions, regulations, roof pitch and the purpose of the building. Most commercial buildings have low-slope or flat roofs. It is crucial to note the difference between residential and commercial services to engage the right contractor, depending on your needs.

The most common roofing materials for commercial houses are EPDM, TPO and buildup roofing. The residential structures typically have high pitches. The roofing materials for homes are wood, tiles, slate, metal, and asphalt. This means that roof repairs require competent contractors that can work with your roofing material.

Life Span

The life spans of residential and commercial roofing systems vary considerably. The residential roofs have a shorter life span but require less maintenance than the commercial roofing systems. Commercial roofing systems need regular inspection and repair. The commercial roofs usually last longer if they are inspected and repaired accordingly. Some roofing contractors specialize in commercial roof repairs while others focus on residential roof repairs.

Roof Design

The roof design also determines the roof repair requirements. Commercial roofs are flat or have a low slope. If you hire incompetent roofing contractors for repair, you could end up with drainage problems. The roof design regulations also lead to the difference between residential and commercial services. While residential roofers pay special attention to aesthetic factors, the commercial roofers focus on the functional details.

If you need residential or commercial roofing repair, ensure you hire the right contractor. Different structures have different roofing repair needs. With this in mind, you are likely to pick the best roofing company.