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Did You Know the Color of Your Roof Affects Your House?

Change your whole house’s temperature just by choosing the right roof color.

While the look of the material and the cost are essential aspects when deciding on a new roof, there is one aspect you should keep in mind that you may not have considered. That’s how the color and materials you put on your roof affect the temperature inside your home.

Fortress Roofing years of experience working with Calgary homeowners makes them the best roofing partners to help you, not only by advising you on which type of material and roof color to choose from if you want to regulate your house’s temperature but also by taking care of your new roof’s installation.


What You Need to Know About Your Roof’s Color

Many different roofing factors that can change the amount of heat that’s either absorbed into your home or reflected off, which affects the whole temperature inside your house. One of the most predominant factors is the color of the roof.

There are two types of color to consider when it comes to roofs:

Black and Dark Colored Roofs

In general, dark-colored roofing materials will absorb the heat and cause your attic and the top of your house to be warmer than lighter colored material.

A dark roof brings in more desired heat from the sun than a light roof. This feature makes dark roofs advantageous in colder climates with long winters and short summers.

Light Colored Roofs

Conversely, light-colored roofing materials reflect the sun’s rays, leaving the heat outside your house and making the inside a little cooler.

These colors for roofs have been the traditional choice for warm weather climates. That’s why you see white, painted roofs in Greece, North Africa, and other Mediterranean countries.

To sum up, we need to remember the basic reflection properties of dark and light colors, dark colors absorb light, while bright colors reflect it.

Fortress Roofing, Your Energy Efficiency Ally

So, which color should you choose if you are living in Calgary?

Dark-colored roofs are the best advice for Calgary homeowners because those colors absorb more heat, maintain a warm temperature inside the house, and help the roof melt the snow and ice dams that could form.

Additionally, by choosing the right roof color, you can regulate your house’s temperature without spending too much on those energy bills, thus save some money.

Fortress Roofing experts are ready to improve your house’s temperature and look by giving it the right color and using the proper materials.