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Weather can be really tricky sometimes. A small rain can turn into a storm very quickly, especially when the winters are cold and long like the ones in Calgary. Making sure your roof is the best it can be for tough weathers is what really matters.

Homeowners usually think their roof is amazing, and sometimes it can turn into a completely different thing. Roofs can look at their best from far away, but once you take a look up close you can see what really is going on. To ensure your roof is in no risk, we recommend you make a roof inspection every once in a while.

Exterior Inspection

If you’re looking for a quality home inspection look no further. At Fortress Roofing and Exteriors, we give every client peace of mind with a thorough and detailed inspection report. Perhaps you’re not sure if recent work done to your residence was done correctly, or you’re thinking of putting your home on the market.

Additionally, buying or selling a property is another common reason customers seek our inspection services. If you’re a seller, this gives you the opportunity to increase your home’s overall value by taking care of structural issues and necessary repairs. There are so many good reasons to get in touch with one of our specialists to learn more about how our inspection services will benefit you, your family, and your residence.

Why you should start booking an inspection

Every so often you should check the condition of your home to avoid surprises. As your home inspectors, we are more than happy to share our wealth of knowledge with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Your house can present some structural issues you don’t even know and we all know that these types of problems can be very expensive to repair, and often hard to miss, especially when they first start. Better to be safe than sorry—seeking the help of a trusted expert can help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Our inspection services give you an idea of any future repairs you’ll have to make in relation to the condition of the house.