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As a homeowner, it may be difficult to know how to take care of certain things in your house. Your roof can sometimes be one of the hardest things to know, because it’s so high up you don’t know if there’s something wrong. However, when there’s noticeable damage it can get very dangerous.

Roof inspections are the best thing to do every once in a while. If you don’t remember the last time you had a roof inspection done, it’s possible it is time to book one.

Every detail is important, even if it’s not noticeable

Homeowners tend to think that if it’s not a leak that’s going into the room it means everything’s fine. The truth is, preventative roof maintenance is the best way to catch problems early, before they turn into a big, expensive, mess. A skilled roof technician can often spot potential leaks and other signs of damage before they happen, saving you a lot of stress (and money) down the road.

Even if it’s just for “good measure”, a roof inspection every once in a while is not bad for your home. Especially if you live somewhere where the weather is very rough, an inspection will really help you.

When you should get an inspection ?

There’s a debate on whether house inspections or roof inspections should be made during the spring or fall. If you go online and look for the best time to make an inspection, most homeowners will say spring is the perfect time. Truth is, any time is great for a house inspection. It’s also perfect to make an inspection before tough weather hits your state, that way you can find if there’s anything wrong before that and fix it as fast as possible.

This is how the weather damages your roof

It’s pretty easy to see why winter rain, ice, and wind can cause wear and tear on your roof over time. But did you know that the sun can also damage your roof? Heat and ultraviolet light from the sun can break down the materials in your roof and cause them to lose their waterproofing properties over time. It happens to every roofing material, from wood shake to asphalt shingles.