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Soffit and Fascia play an integral role in the integrity of your home’s exterior building envelope.  Often overlooked, these elements contribute to the overall performance and longevity of your home and are just as important as roofing, siding and eavestrough.  Typically made from aluminum soft metals, soffit and fascia are also available in vinyl, cedar, and smart board.  The most common time for homeowners to change their soffit and fascia is when the gutters are being replaced, often in conjunction with a roofing and/or siding replacement.  Contact us today to ask about discounts when you combine more than one exterior service!

Fascia is the vertical board at the edge of the roof, hidden behind your eavestrough. The cladding that covers these boards is what protects this surface from moisture that could find its way into your home if incorrectly installed.  Your eavestrough (or gutters) connect to your fascia, complementing the beauty of your home.

The Soffit is the horizontal material that closes in the overhang of your roof, running from the bottom of the fascia to the walls of your home.   The soffit can be vented or closed in, depending on your home’s proximity to neighboring properties.  Again, the material most commonly used is aluminum, but other options are available including vinyl and natural wood like cedar, fir or pine.  Special features like pot lights can also be added to soffits to enhance the esthetics of your home.

Calgary weather can be harsh and changes quickly, taking its toll on soffits, fascia and eavestrough.  If your soffit, fascia and eavestrough are showing signs of wear and tear including dripping, leaking, sagging, flapping or rotting, contact Fortress Roofing & Exteriors for a free estimate today!


We were extremely pleased with the service and the amount of care demonstrated by the employees of Fortress. In Alberta today – 2007 a lot of companies are lacking the expertise and quality of workmanship that Fortress has held on to. We would definitely recommend Fortress to clients, friends & family.

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